YOKOHAMA Smart Community

Companies and organizations which believe and agree that "it is important to learn from nature in order to have a truly rich and fulfilling life" got together and established "Yokohama Smart Community" for the purpose of showcasing technologies which integrate natural energy into daily life and enable it to be used effectively and efficiently.
In Yokohama Smart Community, we are aiming to create a safe and comfortable community. We believe that in order for people to live well, they should seek not technological solutions but rather the type of society that they truly want, pursuing lifestyles that coexist harmoniously with nature and that use energy without burdening the environment. We believe that, by using natural energy intelligently, it is possible to create inexpensive and flexible energy systems and contribute to reducing CO2 and solving such problems as food insufficiency.
Yokohama, a city with a diverse cultural background, is the site of this experiment, in which we are endeavoring to demonstrate how smart energy technologies can sustain and enhance modern lifestyles. We also periodically hold seminars and private showings where we present the achievements of the project and widely communicate, to both domestic and international society, the accomplishments of Yokohama Smart Community. We believe it important for individual communities to use and develop this model and blend it together with the distinctive DNA that they and their residents possess.

Hitoshi Arima
Representative of Yokohama Smart Community
  Yoshimichi Nakamura
Vice-Representative of Yokohama Smart Community


Press Release

April 26, 2013

Completion of the Yokohama Smart Community “Smart Cell” (PDF)
Operation of “Smart Cell,” an investigative/experimental model home for a next-generation community, has been launched ?

April 26, 2013

Trials Begin of Energy System for Next-Generation Smart Houses (PDF)
Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., dSPACE Japan K.K., and K.K. Smart Energy Laboratory developed a prototype energy system for next-generation smart houses.




Hitoshi Arima, Adviser, Smart Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Deputy Representative

Yoshimichi Nakamura, Founder / Chief Consultant , Smart Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Executive Office

Yokohama Smart Community Executive Office in Smart Energy Laboratory Co.,Ltd.

2-12-1 Shin-Yokohama, Kouhoku-ku, Yokohama 222-0033 Japan
TEL: +81-45-620-0330 / FAX: +81-45-620-0378

■ Notice
The Yokohama smart cell closed at February 29, 2016.
The proof experiment in the smart cell was finished.

Smart Cell Pamphlet (PDF)